Thursday, November 18, 2010

His Love

  His love is so unspeakable like nothing ever seen.
I treat it like its make believe or on the silver screen.

He left His home in heaven to come here as a man.
I tell Him that my problems are more than I can stand.

He wanted nothing more than to bring me peace.
I choose instead a life of luxury, comfort and ease.

He wanted me to run to Him to feel His warm embrace.
But if I do things as He says I’m afraid I’ll feel out of place.

Though the sins I do commit sure break my Savior’s heart.
I tell myself there is no way I can from sin depart.

He loved, He loved, He loved some more despite the cruel attacks.
I offer it in word and tongue but still hold so much back.

He broke the chains of sin so that I may be free.
I choose the darkness over light and just can’t seem to see.

He paid the price for me, which I could not afford.
I want Him as my Savior but reject Him as my Lord.

He suffered so much pain and all on my behalf.
Do I bear the fruit He wants or am I like the chaff?

Out of His great love for me He crawled up Calvary’s hill.
But I appear to have enough of Him as if I’ve had my fill.

He was beaten, scourged and crucified upon a tree.
In my busy, hurried life I fail to bow a knee.

For me the mighty Son of God was hanging there alone.
And yet I feel no pain as if my soul were made of stone.

It was His great, great love for me that kept Him on that cross.
I pray I’ll leave this world behind and count it all but loss!

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